Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My new office!

It feels like Christmas every day of the year around here... My room last year was fine... 100% fine.. no complaints. It had a big closet, it had a window... it was off the beaten path.. which can be could good at times.. BUT this year, it has all changed and for the better!

I did not ask for a new room, but I was given one! This new office has room for MANY children (7 so far!)-making my office a little slice of Heaven. These windows are melting my heart in all the best ways.. AND the best part- Kids are constantly walking by so I get to see smiling faces from both sides of the room.

Some classics that will go with me wherever I go include:
Great table for lots of chatting, and my desk with some sun:)

  • The bobble Head collection- Thanks to the hubby circa 2002.
  • The Beanie Baby collection- Thanks to 1995 and my parents not throwing them out.
  • An art center where I keep all the supplies for students who are visual processors and like to draw/use clay. 
  • Books for parents
  • Books for kids
  • Stress balls/squeezey items to help those who want/need to calm down.
  • Inspirational verses for me (Selfish alert- I need reminders!) of my purpose.
  • Pictures of my family and friends so kids know that I have a life outside of school.

Book shelves are a must! Thankful for these white little boxes.

Please take a look and steal any ideas you have. If you have any good ones- I am up for that too!

Happy Camper,

Your Floridian Chick!

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