Who is A-Z?

Hello readers and thanks for stopping by! My name is Amanda and I am thrilled to have the role as an elementary school counselor. I feel passionate about creating an open environment for kids to talk about life, and helping them to work through everyday hardships, as well as celebrating their accomplishments!  

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in counseling with a certificate in elementary school counseling.  I am pretty huge extravert and am thankful to be surrounded by little, energetic children each and everyday who rival in my energy. 

Outside the walls of the school building, I live a life with my wonderful hubby and rescue pup Duke in Florida.  When we got married a few years ago, our jobs relocated us to the sunshine state and we have been loving the summer days ever since.
Our Duke!
My hubby and I at our wedding:)


I enjoy sharing about school counseling and am thankful for the opportunity to exchange ideas from people around the country! Come by anytime-you're always welcome! You can also find me on Instagram @schoolcounselingfromaz, Twitter @Schcounselingfromaz, or on Facebook "School Counseling from AZ".

With lots of love for life,
Your Floridian Chick